Fragrance Blog Spotlight: Basenote Bitch

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Usually, when I find a fragrance blog I haven’t read before, I just add it to The Scentaur’s blogroll. But the other day I stumbled upon a fragrance blog so fantastic I just had to share more.

I’m a design (and development) person by training, and I just love the way photographer and editor Elizabeth Renstrom has set up her fragrance blog, Basenote Bitch.

The photography is gorgeous. The fragrance review blurbs are succinct, snarky, and so very on point. Every single one of them makes me laugh. The colors on each page coordinate perfectly with the photos.

The website is beautiful, colorful, and oh-so-garishly 2000s. The site was designed and developed by Elena Foraker, and I’m in awe. I’m taking notes for my own web design experiments. These days, plain HTML sites are often written off as aesthetically dull or a headache to maintain with new content, but Basenotes Bitch proves both points wrong.

The web structure is incredibly simple and light, no complex JavaScript animations necessary. The fonts are great. The homepage menu text is gloriously difficult to read in its sparkling bold bright white text. The scroll-over glitter? I’m in love.

This isn’t an ad. I don’t know Elizabeth or Elena at all. I was just completely blown away by this fun site I hadn’t seen before. Basenote Bitch is a gorgeous blog with brief and hilarious Y2K-tinged fragrance reviews. I’ve really enjoyed binge-reading them all, and I hope you enjoy them too.

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