This is a list I keep of all the fragrance, perfume, and cologne-related blogs out there, including blogs that are currently inactive or have gone offline.

I took on this project since I think it’s a useful piece of bookkeeping for the community. If your blog is on this list and you’d like me to remove it, or your blog isn’t on this list and you think it should be, or you think your blog is in the wrong category, feel free to send me a message!

Individual Blogs

These are blogs maintained by one or a few individual bloggers. Often quite personal, these are my favorite blogs to read and interact with. The list of active individual blogs doubles as my personal reading list.


1000 Flowers Blog
A Bottled Rose
Absolute Trygve
The Alembicated Genie
Anya’s Garden
Architecture of Perfume
Aroma Connection
Arôme d’Ailleurs
Australian Perfume Junkies
Ayala’s Smelly Blog
Beauty on the Outside
Best Perfume for Women
Bgirl Rhapsody
Bigsly Fragrance
BitterGrace Notes
Blogdorf Goodman
Bonjour Perfume
Brooklyn Fragrance Lover
The Candy Perfume Boy
Carmel Perfumer
Carnet de Voyage Olfactif
Carpe Odor
Chroniques d’un Parfumeur
Confessions of a Perfume Nerd
Le Critique de Parfum
DSH Notebook
Eau Know
Emergency Backpack
The Empty Bottle
Esperienze Olfattive
Eyeliner on a Cat
The Floraesthetic (formerly Scent Hive)
For the Love of Perfume
Frag Name of the Day
Fragrance Bouquet
Fragrant Fanatic
The Fragrant Man
Fragrant Moments
Fragrant Reviews
From Top to Bottom — Perfume Patter
The GoodSmellas
Grain de Musc
Hortus Conclusus
Indie Perfumes
I Smell, Therefore I Am
J’aime le Parfum
Katie Puckrik Smells
La Gardenia Nell’ochiello
Mad Perfumista
Max Forti
Megan in Sainte Maxime
Memory of Scent
Monsieur Guerlain
Mossy Loomings
My Fabulous Fragrance
The Natural Perfumer’s Guild
Nero Profumo
The Non-Blonde
Nosy Girl
Notas & Acordes
Notes From Josephine
Olfactoria’s Travels
The Olfactorialist
Olfactory Obsessed
One Thousand Scents
Le Parfumeur Rebelle
The Perfume Chronicles
Perfume da Rosa Negra
Perfume Diary
The Perfumed Dandy
The Perfume Expert
The Perfume Magpie
Perfumes I Love
Perfume Smellin’ Things
El Perfume: Un Poema Errante
Pour Monsieur
Pracownia Alchemiczna
Punk Rock Perfume Party
Purple Paper Planes
Q Perfume Blog
Rambling Chicken
Riktig Parfym
Sakecat’s Scent Project
Scent Bound
The Scented Salamander
Scent for Thought
The Scentimentalist
The Scentinel
Scent of the Day
Scents Memory
Scents of Arabia
The Scents of Self
The Scentuary
School of Scent
Sherapop’s Salon de Parfum
Sherapop’s Village
The Silver Fox
Smells Like Boi
The Smelly Vagabond
The Soap Bar
Sorcery of Scent
Swig and Tipple
Te de Violetas
That Smell
This Blog Really Stinks
Tinsel Creation
The Unseen Censer
The Vintage Perfume Vault
Viaggie Luoghie Profumi
Volatile Fiction
Waft by Carol
Yesterday’s Perfume
Ye Olde Civet Cat


1000 Fragrances (Private Site)
A Fragrance Blog
Another Perfume Blog
A Perfume Blog by Blacknail Allen
Bloody Frida
The Drydown
Eiderdown Press: Suzanne’s Perfume Journal
Fragrance Junkie
Haus of Waft
He Smells She Smells
Independent Perfume Art
Jardin Parfum
Jo Maloniac
Left Coast Nose
My Perfume Life
The Muse in Wooden Shoes
Music des Odeurs
Nathan Branch
Olenska Parfumieren
Parfumista’s Diary
Pere de Pierre
Perfume and Ink
The Perfume Critic
Perfume Heretic Zara Thud
The Perfume Specialist
Personal Odour
Pink Manhattan (Private Site)
Providence Perfume
Redolent of Spices
Scent Hurdle
Scent Less Sensibilities
Scent Rebel
Scent Signals
This Side of Perfume (Private Site)
Soliflore Notes
The Sound of Scent
Two Sprays
What Men Should Smell Like
Would Smell As Sweet Blog City

Platform Blogs

Fragrance-related platforms and forums often maintain a blog, writing about news in the field, new releases, and more.



Magazine Blogs

Online magazines and large multi-author blogs with many different contributors with no significant forum or platform attached belong in this category.

Company Blogs

These are blogs maintained by fragrance companies, who often publish informational blog posts to entice readers to their sites and support their buyers.

A Few Notes on the Blogroll

  • I have excluded a few company blogs kept by fragrance companies for thin content. If it’s a blog that only posts corporate announcements (“We have a new board member!”) or has less than ten blog posts total, it likely isn’t of interest to the community.
  • I consider a blog to be inactive if the owner has issued an official retirement statement or if there has been no new content on the blog in the last calendar year.
  • Each list is presented in alphabetical order, with definite articles (“the”) excluded in the ordering.
  • These lists simply include blogs that I found in my search. No company, platform, magazine, or individual has paid or otherwise compensated me to list their blog here, and the links on this page are not affiliate or sponsored links.
  • The offline lists do not include URLs. This is for good reason. These are lists of blog titles for posterity. These blogs are no longer on the Internet (to my knowledge). If you remember their old domain names or can assume them from the blog titles, please do not visit them. Most of them are just “oops, nothing is here” parking pages, but a few domain names of prominent fragrance blogs past have since been picked up by unsavory actors that want to redirect fans to their spam, scam, online gambling, or pornography site. A few prominent blogrolls and fragrance blog lists still link to these, but quite frankly I want to make sure my readers stay away from them.

Lastly, I’ve included an open comment section on this page as a guest book of sorts. Use it to discuss your favorite blogs, reminisce on days of blogging past, promote your new (relevant) project, or just chat about anything you like!

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