One of my biggest motivators for starting a fragrance blog was wanting to facilitate a traveling sample box.

For the uninitiated: a traveling sample box is a package filled with fragrance samples that is sent from address to address among a series of people. When each person receives the box, they can sniff the samples, keep a few they like, and replace them with at least as many samples of their own. Then they send the box along to the next address in the chain. There’s no cost involved aside from swapping in your unwanted samples and paying for shipping, so it’s a great way to smell a lot of different fragrances for next to nothing.

If you’re interested in joining a traveling sample box, fill out the form below. I’ll reach out to confirm interest and get more details on a rolling basis when there are enough people on board. This isn’t an email list, and I won’t email you about anything else except this project.

Traveling Sample Box Form

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