I Lost Myself

A luminous yellow wax candle lit with a single wick flame.

Beloved reader,I've rewritten this post dozens of times. I hate every version of it, and yet I can't move on [...]

You Know You’ve Made It When Someone Steals Your Stuff

It was to my supreme amusement this week that I discovered my blog posts were being stolen by a dupe fragrance oil [...]

On Trying to Wear Perfume When Your Apartment Is Full of Wasps

Collage of a yellow jacket wasp surrounded by foods it loves to eat, including various fruits, flowers, and desserts.

I recently took a two-week break from the blog to move house.Truth be told, while decluttering, packing, [...]

Scented Horoscopes: July 2022

A circular diagram depicting the twelve zodiac signs, their symbols, and associated animals.

The sun is out, the flowers are blooming, the 4th of July sales are in full swing, it's emotional Cancer season, [...]

The Scentaur

The Scentaur