What Does Acetyl Pyrazine Smell Like?

Collage of a variety of nuts and seeds, like chestnuts and walnuts, as well as bread, coffee, popcorn, chocolate, and cacao.

Finally, I'm writing one of these about an aromachemical rather than a natural material!Acetyl pyrazine (or [...]

What Does Almond Smell Like?

Collage of a white bowl full of almonds, a red cherry fruit, and a jar of white sugar cubes with a pile of sugar beside it.

Almond. It's a classic sweet gourmand note reminiscent of marzipan, amaretto, baking, and cherries. It's a simple [...]

What Does Rosemary Smell Like?

Collage of a pile of green sprigs of fresh rosemary herbs, a fir or pine cone, and a pointed fir or pine Christmas tree.

Last weekend I moved into a new apartment and found, to my utter dismay, that the hideously near-ubiquitous shag [...]

What Does Yuzu Smell Like?

Collage of a wicker basket filled with yellow yuzus, a lemon, three green bergamot fruit, a mandarin orange and a grapefruit.

A small, bumpy citrus fruit native to Japan, yuzu is a note well-beloved in local cuisine as well as perfumery. [...]

What Does Juniper Berry Smell Like?

Collage of a juniper twig loaded with blue berries surrounded by apples, wood, amber, cedar, valerian, pine cone, and grass.

You may be familiar with the smell of juniper berries from walking in the woods in September through December, [...]

The Scentaur

The Scentaur